About Waiting to Live
Dr. Asa Don Brown’s insightful message of unconditional love will transpire your way of thinking. Dr. Brown reveals a profound way of looking at life, forgiveness, and happiness.   He explores with the reader the concepts of love and forgiveness. He has a poignant way of evoking the internal and spiritual side of life. His message will inspire you to begin living today. Why are you Waiting to Live?
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Dr. Asa Don Brown has successfully managed to amalgamate his own profound insights with centuries old wisdom and contemporary psychology to produce a unique, lucid, and pragmatic work.   His book will undoubtedly inspire those seeking inspiration, educate those seeking an education, and edify those seeking an edification.  In a world where many are often making more but feeling less, this book will be a welcome addition to aid them in reconciling this frustrating chasm.
 ~  Dr. Tony Mann, O.D., Optometrist
Londonderry Eye Care, Alberta, Canada
The Effects of Childhood Trauma
on Adult Perception and Worldview
This study examined traumatization in childhood and the potential effect upon the adult individual. Previous research has focused on  safeguarding children and minimizing the effects of trauma. The intent was to determine the underlying factors that contribute to an adult’s perception and worldview in relationship to childhood traumatic experiences. Participants were adult men and women who self-reported traumatization in childhood. The core of the research was a semiguided interview protocol. The research used three supporting questionnaires as a basis for demographics. The research anticipates clarification between the effects of childhood trauma and the plausibility that the trauma may be a source of difficulty for adults, therefore perpetuating one’s life struggles or being a source of inspiration to move forward. It was discovered that those children who possessed the factors that reinforce resiliency tended to have a more positive perception and worldview.
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 Thursday, July 7, 2016
I thought that the book was very well written as Dr. Brown covers a very complex issue in a thorough, accurate and thoroughly understandable manner.  The learning objectives and issues in regard to confidentiality are nicely set out at the outset and the rest of the work meets these expectations... Dr. Brown effectively discusses the importance of proactively dealing with these issues thus reducing the possibility of violence occurring...
~ Dr. Bruce Monkhouse
Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies, University of Victoria
Chief of Psychology at Correctional Service of Canada                     Victoria, British Columbia
Interpersonal Skills in the Workplace, Finding Solutions that Work, is a thoughtfully written manuscript offering key techniques for workplace conflict. Dr. Asa Don Brown’s masterful way with words will offer a fresh perspective on communication and relationships.  While the dynamics of conflict can create intense emotional, social, behavioral and psychological stressors; it is critically important to be prepared for the unknown and the unexpected.  Dr. Brown will not only highlight key risk factors, but will offer preventive techniques designed to safeguard against potential threats.  The process of communication is challenged when poor communication skills are utilized.
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