Dr. Asa Don Brown is passionate about inspiring people and helping others to reach their fullest potentials.  He is a man of vision, passion, positivity, drive, and purpose.  His background has been established on concrete principles and a foundation of strong academic training, research, and interaction with those in authority.  Dr. Brown has been frequently hired by organizations to train, equip, and inspire.   As a clinician, Dr. Brown found that if you want to genuinely reach people; you must reach them through positive communication, interaction, energy and leadership.  Dr. Brown’s leadership tools have been effective in transforming the person.
Dr. Brown is continuously sought out by organizations, leaders, coaches, professionals, and individuals.  His energy will help you and your organization unleash the restraints that have been binding you.  Whether you are an individual seeking insights, or an organization seeking to motivate your staff; Dr. Brown’s tools are effective.  As a clinician, he has found that “negativity” is the absolute threat to any person, team or organization.   As a consultant, he has helped leaders, teams, and organizations to reveal the central problem, find healthy remedies, and establishing tools to prove successful.  As a consultant, Dr. Brown is purposeful about employing strategies that are effective.  His communication styles will help generate renewed commitment, drive, purpose and will help foster effective communication, teamwork and ultimately deliver positive results.
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We have benefitted from Dr. Brown professionalism as we noticed a general improvement in the performance and morale of employees.  Dr. Brown has specifically assisted my office in dealing with termination of senior managers and by doing so he has relieved greatly the amount of stress brought by these difficult situations.    
                                                      ~ Alberto De Feo, Ph.D. Law
                                                         British Columbia, Canada
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 Thursday, July 7, 2016